Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did June go?

The month of June has been so busy for the Sanford Fam. We started off the month visiting my parents in Tahlequah, athen we had two days of District Assembly for the NEO Naz District. After that we headed off to Fayetteville, Ar, to watch my neice's and enjoy good friends. When we got back, we started preparing for teen camp. We had a week to make sure everything was together and it seemed as though...
that week went by way too fast! Monday came in with a storm, and we all loaded up and headed to camp soaking wet! Once we got there God gave us blue skies... well for a while! We had a great time at camp, check out the camp blog when you get a chance. After a long and fun week of growing and getting closer to God and each other, and sweating a lot, we were all ready to come home! We were met with VBS arms wide open when we got here! But before we could get started on that we had a bday party to attend and Father's Day at the Drillers with the GAP class at church. Once VBS started, so did the drama with our house. I should have listened to the first night when our Bible Point of the night was Jer 29:11, however I got caught up in teaching it rather than living it. My ever so correcting husband reminded me of it though to sit his crazy minded wifey at ease... still trying to be at ease with it all. Which now brings me to the end of the week, Vbs's last night, and packing up the house in faith, He is so good rather He gives or takes away!!!! June where did you go?

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