Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning Schedule Printable Freebie

Have you ever spent all day cleaning your house?  

At the end of an all day cleaning span you fill like you have accomplished some great project and you can enjoy your hard labor! That is until the husband or kids walk through the door and destroy it in a matter of minutes. It is nice to have a clean house. It shouldn't take all day to tackle cleaning my house. It seems that I have recently {for the past 6 months} been waiting till one day of the week to clean my house. Well it isn't working. So I saw this and got inspired to make my own to fit my needs. 

Here it is: 
Simply click the image above or here to print out your own cleaning schedule. 

*Update: So I am putting this cleaning schedule in a frame. I looked all over the house for a landscape frame to put it in but couldn't find one. So I decided I would make a portrait layout too. Here you go.

Just click the image and a window will pop up and give you a full size version. Just right click and save the image from there. Enjoy! 

Have you spent all afternoon shopping and cooking dinner?

If your local grocery store is anything like mine, it's a nightmare to go in to pick up a few things. 

I'm so thankful I decided to sign up for Emeals to help with my meal planning and shopping needs. With my plan through Emeals I get an email once a week on Wednesday that gives me a meal plan for 7 meals and a shopping list to go with it. I love how it is organized. I would recommend it to anyone, I already have! 

 (Thanks to Time Warp Wife & Emeals for the idea of a cleaning calendar.)


  1. Thank you for the schedule. I appreciate you sharing. I found many online, but was looking for a BLANK one. No good at creating the prettier documents by myself...


Thanks for sharing!

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