Monday, July 30, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 | Week 1

Here are the resources I have come across to use with C1|W1.

Update: To be honest... check out my pinterest board C1|W1 it has tons of resources there.

I am taking a more interactive and technology approach to teaching the girls since they really enjoy playing with mommies gadgets. One doesn't have to have these said gadgets to offer a great education to their children or a successful homeschooling week. I simply feel like if they are going to be playing on my iPad or iPhone then they should being learning instead of playing Angry Birds (nothing against angry birds, but I doubt the creators of AB imagined my 4 year old playing it, just sayin). And also I love the resources I found this week and think the girls are going to have a blast learning! But if you keep it simple and the kids will still love every minute of it. 

* I plan on saving this page as an icon on my iPad. this way the girls can click that "app" {so they think} and it will open this page on the screen. They can find their games for the week and videos all in one location!

*Note: For purposes of CC and Memory Masters/Proofing, modeling exactly the way the Foundations Guide is very important.

History: The Ten Commandments

Make 10 with Moses FileFolder Game I made this game for my little ones.

Games & Lessons for Kids Online Games and Lessons they can play and watch.

Ten Commandment BibleChart *Wording is different than CC

10 Commandment Hand Activity Plan on doing this with them on Thursday.

Latin: Noun Endings

Science: Classifications of Living Things


Geography: Fertile Crescent

Tuesday: CC Day, just listen to songs and let girls play on iPad and with Lapbooks.

This is such a cute song and project this class did. My girls love things out of the ordinary and this is right up their alley. I will be using this to play in week one and we may even attempt our own version. I'll post to let you know if we do.

"We're in that Fertile Crescent" Rap

Teach the fertile crescent with a croissant lesson

Here is scripture that correlates to this area:
Mesopotamia - Genesis 24:10, Deuteronomy 23:4, Judges 3:8, 10
Euphrates River (called The Great River in the Bible) - Gen. 2:14 and 15:18, Deut. 1:7, Revelation 9:14 and 16:12

Mr. Winand's Class Vocab & Questions

English: Preposition

A song I came across on pinterest a while back. I might learn this for class and share it with my group. Okay I was going to do this song with motions... but I found one that I like better and plan on doing it instead. Either is fine, but I like the second one's motions a little better. Plus that little guy is so cute! Another video Slower with weekly preps for the above video.

Parts of Speech with Moses Game Not CC just kinda goes with this week.


 If you are looking for resources to use for CC then you should look here. There are many other CCer's sharing what they are doing each week for CC, check out a blog hop here weekly. Have fun and make memories this school year.

Remember that our goal is to win the hearts of our children, teach them in truth, knowledge and wisdom, and
to know God and make Him known.

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up


  1. This is my first year teaching Classical Conversations with my 5 year old twins:) We don't start until August 28th, do some of the groups start earlier or are you just getting a jump start on planning?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I went over to your blog and saw your twins! I love twins, maybe because I am one =) and so is my husband. You will have a great year with them and CC.

    We don't start our campus until Sept 4th, but I'm a tutor this year for the "Masters" oldest students in foundations and I'm getting a head start on getting prepared.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    - Ashley


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