HomeSchooling is what we Sanford's feel called to do for our girls. When our oldest was months old, we had some homeschooling friends that poured into us encouragement and support. They were a great example and model of what we would like our family to be. Those same friends started doing Classical Conversations with their children a couple years later. One year after that our oldest was old enough to start CC too. Now we will have two children in CC and I will be a tutor for the new campus we will be apart of in the fall.
You can find a CC community near you.
Learn more about CC here.

CC happens in three cycles. This year we will start on Cycle 1:

History & Geography: World: Historical Empires, Peoples, & Countries (Ancient - Modern)
Science: Biology, Earth Science, Related Experiments and Projects
Timeline: Creation to Modern America
Art: Masters, Drawing
Music: Composers, Music Theory
English: Verbs, Prepositions
Latin: Noun Ending (Declensions)
Math: Multiplication Formulas, Algebraic Laws
Bible Memory: Exodus 20 (10 Commandments)

You can find blog posts on what I'm using each week here:
C1|W1            C1|W7              C1|W13            C1|W19
C1|W2            C1|W8              C1|W14            C1|W20
C1|W3            C1|W9              C1|W15            C1|W21
C1|W4            C1|W10            C1|W16            C1|W22
C1|W5            C1|W11            C1|W17            C1|W23
C1|W6            C1|W12            C1|W18            C1|W24

You can find my pinterest boards for each week here:
C1|W1            C1|W7            C1|W13            C1|W19
C1|W2            C1|W8            C1|W14            C1|W20
C1|W3            C1|W9            C1|W15            C1|W21
C1|W4            C1|W10          C1|W16            C1|W22
C1|W5            C1|W11          C1|W17            C1|W23
C1|W6            C1|W12          C1|W18            C1|W24

Timeline Song & Motions
Our Homeschool Curriculum
How to Use your iPad for Memory Work

Our 2012 Homeschool Room
Our Schedule
Day in the Life of a Masters Tutor
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