Wednesday, August 04, 2010

D6 2011 & B90

I have two new exciting things coming up in my life in september. I am getting to attend a conference so dear to my heart, but being a conference junkie, many are. I will be attending D6 with some great people and can't wait to see what we learn and possibily change the way we view ministry. Also our church is doing the B90 challenge! Bible in 90 days! I'm so excited to read the Bible from cover to cover before this year is out. I always want to do this and never seem to get it done, now the guilt can be gone this year in 2010.

Tales of a Night with Jr High Girls

Well I am still alive.

Let's say that the help of 9 Jr High Girls didn't help my efforts to stay sane in my crazy life, but they were such a blessing and had a wonderful time growing and bonding with them.

oneLife hosted a jr high girls sleepover at our new house. As I write, I still have 4 of them here and they are doing dances, playing dress up, preforming make overs, making videos, and playing with a light saber, yes it's interesting what goes on in the mind of a 7th grader but no the less boring or dull.

I thank their parents for allowing them to come and stay, and I also thank them for taking them back home with them tonight after church. Because this young mom can barely keep up with 2 little ones ages 2 & 3, she needs much more energy to keep up with 9 preteen girls.

Thanks for the blessings girls! Last night was a blast!
... and I'm still the Indian Wrestling Champ by the way... what now ???
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