Saturday, May 22, 2010

30 hour famine

So our teens did the 30 Hour Famine yesterday and I am pooped! One teen raised $224, I am so proud of him!!! The kids have learned a lot these past 6 weeks and I'm glad! All the hard work pays off when the kids say that they had fun and learned something! Thanks to my helpers, The Ron's, Tasha, Shauna, Tami, and the hubby Mark! What will sunday nights have in store now??? Ha, ask Pastor Mark -

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 Ways to Create Happy Risers

So  my girls aren't happy risers, and I came across this article and thought others might benefit from reading it, so hear you go, enjoy...

5 Ways to Create Happy Risers
by Tracey Brewer

Mornings can be a struggle when it comes to getting everyone up and moving. Having my children actually display a cheerful attitude while getting ready for the day sometimes seems like an unattainable bonus! Here are five ways I’ve found to create a happy riser.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Night with God, Hubby, Kari, and John

So it was great! Got to meet Kari Jobe and John the lead singer from Desperation Band, it was so awesome, wished I would have known more of the songs though. Here's the pics...

Service Project on "Real" youth center

Kari Jobe and the HeartWorkTour!!!

So every time I write that Mark hasn't done something for me, he proves me wrong (hehe I kinda like this, might do it more often haha) and he got me VIP tickets to meet and great with Kari Jobe and the Desperation Band!!!

Heartwork Tour Promo from Cory Reynolds on Vimeo.

Will totally post pics later !!! AHHH, so excited!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Jenk's House Stage 1

So if you don't know by now, I'm sorry, but Mark and I am purchasing our 1st home and we are so stinking excited about it!!! We are actually building a home in Southwoods, in Jenks, but don't fear we have a Sapulpa address =) Heck half of our church doesn't even live in Sapulpa, haha.

Any ways here are some pics of the progress... est done date, end of June!

My back door view! Hor-Seys as Olivia calls them.

Mother's Day

So Mother's day is supposed to be a happy day right? Well ever since I became a mother it hasn't been so happy. I see, to be disappointed every year on this day and spend it doing something I don't want to. Maybe it's my expectation that is making it an awful day? I just figured to would be great to be a mother on mother's day, and now I look back and wonder how my mom felt on md? Hopefully it will get better in the future when my lil girls will now what's really going on. I think I have no luck with Mark though...
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