Monday, August 27, 2012

Day in the Life of a "Masters" Tutor, Not Me But Them


This year I am so excited to be the Foundations tutor for CC Masters at the new Bartlesville Town and Country Campus. Masters are the "Older" kids in our CC Community. I wanted to give you a look at what our a day in the life of a Master would be:

8:30am - We will arrive at our CC location. I have made a trifold board to put all of our memory work on to use at home and in the classroom. It is so helpful and cute at the same time. I know the students don't care but I do!  
8:50am - The tutors get together before the Opening Assembly and pray together.
9:00am - Assembly - the whole group gets together to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Bible, recite and learn the new timeline cards for the week, and learn the memory verse, which builds over the course of the year.
9:30am - Class starts!  We present the new grammar first.  There are 6 subjects to present. Iwant  to go in the same order each week. Geography, History, English, Latin, Math, Science. It doesn't really matter what subject you start with as long as you get it all in. The key is to repeat the information 7 times.
Geography: I  will have the students start off the day by coming in and getting right to work with a "Review Sheet" and copy work. During this time we might proof as well.
History:  I will present the history work by reading the sentence to my students, teach hand motions, listen to the song, and then we all sing the song with hand motions. I will also write the history sentence on the board and repeat the info over and over erasing words each time.

For the first 12 weeks we will be learning about prepositions. There is a song on our CC Cycle 1 Resource CD that will help us learn the prepositions. Also you can find motions to this song {here}.
Latin: I will use resources off of C3 to use in class.
Math: Since I have the Masters, we do Multiplication Facts instead of Skip Counting.

Science: There are some great ideas on pinterest out there that I will be using.

10:00am - Science Project: Each week there is a Science Project or Activity to complete.
10:30am - Wash up from Science Project and have a Snack and Bathroom break.

10:40am - Presentations. I'm not allowing snack during presentations. I have the older students and at this stage they need to be displaying proper communication during this time.
11:00am - Art - for the first 6 weeks, we are focusing on drawing. 

11:30am - Review - this is the time during which we review the memory work from the past 6 weeks plus what we learned today.  {Here} are some review games I plan on using.
12:00pm - Lunch Time, Yum! Then Recess!

That is a look at what our day will be as a CC Tutor and Student. We start next week and can't wait!
Happy CCing!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your day. We're unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers' lives and meeting them as we travel!


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