Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach Vaca 2012: Cover & Title Page

All of Mark's family went to the beach to stay in one house together for a whole week.I made a Shutterfly book along with scraping it into my PL album. Here is our story of the Sanford Beach Vaca of 2012... and look how cute the cover turned out.

Title Page:
This page documents our journey down to the beach. It was about a four hour drive that took longer than just four hours. We left the house right before 7am. We were in our car, Nana and Poppie in their's. We traveled south to later meet up with Uncle Josh on his bike and Aunt Lala (Lauren) with baby Ava and Jenna.

All the stops made me hungry, very hungry! That is all I could think of the whole trip and that I was not looking forward to that ferry ride. Somewhere Uncle Josh found some friends from the gas station to the ferry, a bunch of them! Once we got in line for the ferry, Jenna and Ava hopped into our car to hangout. Poppie kept playing with them. They didnt mind waiting. I on the other hand did, I was hungry and needed some food.

After waiting for about 45 mins, the ferry came and picked us up. They loaded us on that boat like sardines. I did not like it. We also had to turn off the car until the ride was over. Also I thought I could pick up a snack on this ride, but I was mistsken. There was only heat, sweat, and tears, from me not the girls.

We do look happy in our pic on the ferry, but don't let me smile fool you, I wanted off that thing as soon as I could.

*Note the green and graph tag at the top of the page. I placed that on each page to add handwritten journaling. I thought it would look good with the Project Life concept, my new style of scrapbooking by Becky Higgins.

{Check out Saturday Lunch Here}Coming Soon

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