Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Home School Room

As apart of iHomeschool Network's "Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop"
I'm participating in this week's  School Room Hop.
This Wednesday our school district goes back to school, but we don't start back till Sept 4th when our Classical Conversations Community starts up. Why start earlier than I have to right? =)
Here are some pictures of our school room. Enjoy!

Here is our geography and mapping area. I got this map for $4.99 at Target in the school supply section. I was pretty happy with that price. I would love for a cute globe like this one...
{Signature Series by Heidi Swapp "Masked Globe" Craft}
 to be put in this spot, but that will have to be for another time, when I have some time. But isn't it so cute?! And I think it would be a perfect addition to our home school room.  

Here I got this cute baker's rack at Hobby Lobby 4 years ago. This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house. I have used it in almost every room. But now it is in the dinning room our home school room. It holds all sorts of items needed. There is a lot of scrapbooking items on this baker's rack. At the top of the rack I keep my School Clipart Books. At the bottom of the rack are $1 bins that I got at Wal-Mart to organize supplies.

Here is my CC TriBoard that I will use with my children and my Masters Class at our local CC Community. My TriBoard is all ready for the first week of class.

Ha, this is our bedroom dresser that wouldn't fit down our hall, so now it is in the dinning room. It isn't so bad though because it gives me more surface space to pile things on =) right now it's clean because I was taking a picture. Come on moms, you know how that is. I also keep a cheap and cute basket {pictured to the right of the dresser} to hold our new Classical Conversations Classical Acts & Facts Timeline Cards.

Here is our work boxes. I don't use them like most families use work boxes. I only store items needed for that subject. How ever if the girls were to pull one out there is stuff to do in those work boxes. Maybe in the near future I will work it out to where these boxes get used everyday with school work in them. 

Our work boxes are divided by the subjects we cover each day through our Classical Conversations.
I put all my materials in these boxes. They help me stay clean around our school room.  
Thanks for stopping by at viewing our home school room. I would love to see your room!
So feel free to share the link of your school room in the comments.

Not Back to School Blog Hop
Happy Homeschooling!


  1. What a great school room! I really like that you have used furniture that you already had and just used it in different ways. Way to be frugal! Looks like you are all ready to get started!

  2. I love that baker's rack! What a beautiful and creative way to hold supplies! Blessings on your school year!

  3. I like the work box idea. That would be a very organized way to keep the supplies together for a week for all the hands-on activities we do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Reworking our schooling area during this time between semesters. I love howyou use the work boxes.mm


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