Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Lunch Time Musts

With school coming back into session this week, and it already has for some of you, I wanted to share 5 Lunch Time Musts of sending your kiddos off to school in a special way. 

Here are some lunch ideas that you can use to  make your special little ones.

1. Plan ahead of time.
There is nothing like waking up in a panic thinking you haven't packed lunches yet, let alone know what you are going to pack. Your kiddos deserve the best from you when it comes to their health, and believe me their tummy's will thank you. Make a menu at the beginning of the week, this way when you go grocery shopping you will know what you are going to get. Also plan your lunches to what you are making for dinner that week. Try to reinvent leftovers to cut down costs.

Cooking for My Kids says: “I make a menu for each week. When the boys get home, I clean their lunch container for the day and then immediately re-pack it for the next day. That way, the next morning, I just have to get out of the refrigerator and put it in their lunch boxes with a little note.”

2. Choose Healthy Foods
When you do the above planning ahead of time, you can think better, allowing yourself to choose healthy foods for your loves. It is important to offer healthy lunches and snacks to your children, even those picky ones that only eat chicken nuggets, I have one of those. It can be so frustrating trying to get her to eat. I have decided it's not my job to make her eat, but to offer healthy and nutritious foods for her when she decides to try them.
Check out my pinerest board for luch ideas.

3. Make it Fun!
If time allows, use some tools and tricks to make your child's lunch fun to eat. Use cute bento toothpicks to hold sami's together or cute fruits and veggies in cute shapes.

Here are some ideas for making cute sami's.

4. Leave Some Love.
If your kiddos go off to school and have lunch with their classmates instead of you, like most kids do, wouldn't it be sweet show them you are thinking about the while they are away from you? Leaving small note in their lunch will be a special little reminder that you care.

5. Pack it Right
When packing up our little one's lunch we want to make sure that the food is safe and packed well. Use a reuseable container to pck your child's lunch in each week o keep it green. You can even buy 5 for each kid if need be, for the not-into-washing-them-everyday-kind-of-mom. That is better than wasting all of those baggies and it's cheaper on the wallet. 


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