Friday, April 27, 2012

PL Week 15 & 16

Here I share a couple of things that happened in week 15 and 16. We were crazy busy at church so our family time was lacking, which means my photo taking was too. But these weeks the time we did have together were good ones and I was able to get some good shoots of the girls.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIW 04.18.12

So I wore this outfit the last Wednesday of Community Bible Study.
The hubs did tell me how cute I looked today so that was nice . =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Showers

So it rained and poured and the old man snored.... until he was woken up by the wind....
At 3:00am last night we both woke up... my heart racing... living in torando alley will do that to ya...
and after last year helping with relief efforts in Tuscaloosa and Joplin, my mind was racing.

Pastor and I tried to find a local station that would give us some news about what was going on outside... but we found none. I was very frustrated... i posted this on my facebook: "News channels... Update your coverage! Not interested in yesterday's news when the thunder is rattling my whole house!" ... but much to my frustration I didn't get any answers for about another 30 mins.

Pastor asked me to go get Ali and bring her inside... but her kennel was still outside for an accident she had a couple of weeks ago... Pastor was supposed to take care of that.... so I made her a makeshift doghouse out of a cardboard box we had in the garage. I went to get her and present this lovely home I had made her... and she wasn't buying it. She looked at me like I was crazy with that sideways head knod. She is cute. I finally got her into the cardboard house and shut the door. 10 mins later where she was outside was flooded with an inch of water. Good call Pastor! And about 15 mins 2 little girls made there way to our bed. We finally fell back asleep and all was clear.

... So today Pastor is fixing downsopts =)

Friday, April 13, 2012

PL Week 13

This week was the Start of April and Holy week. I mostly shared about the big events in our life this week that all pretty much turn back to Easter and Him. But isn't that what I want our real lives to reflect... Him? So I gess it is fitting that our scrapbook would reflect Him too.
I plan on adding some more photos to the bottom of this Easter Day insert.

Our April monthly calendar layout.

Check out Week 14 {Here}

PL Week 14

This is from week 14. There is only one page for this week and of course it's blurry like the weeks before, so sorry. In the top right corner is my kitchen sink filled with dishes, then it's my laundry room filled with clothes. And the third pic is of a chalkboard that I got at Kirkland's Home, and it says I love my family. The reason why all of this house work didn't get done is because this is the week after Easter. Our youth group at church did a drama this Easter. We pulled it together in 2 weeks. They did awesome and it turned out to be a huge deal that everyone loved. It was awesome!

If you want to take a peek, here you go.

This week's layout also shows my fixing up the water fountain in your front yard and my sweet Livy playing outside. Then there is a couple of pics of the girls a Community Bible Study showing off all the things they learned. I was so proud of them.

Check out Week 15 Here.
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