Monday, July 30, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 | Week 1

Here are the resources I have come across to use with C1|W1.

Update: To be honest... check out my pinterest board C1|W1 it has tons of resources there.

I am taking a more interactive and technology approach to teaching the girls since they really enjoy playing with mommies gadgets. One doesn't have to have these said gadgets to offer a great education to their children or a successful homeschooling week. I simply feel like if they are going to be playing on my iPad or iPhone then they should being learning instead of playing Angry Birds (nothing against angry birds, but I doubt the creators of AB imagined my 4 year old playing it, just sayin). And also I love the resources I found this week and think the girls are going to have a blast learning! But if you keep it simple and the kids will still love every minute of it. 

* I plan on saving this page as an icon on my iPad. this way the girls can click that "app" {so they think} and it will open this page on the screen. They can find their games for the week and videos all in one location!

*Note: For purposes of CC and Memory Masters/Proofing, modeling exactly the way the Foundations Guide is very important.

History: The Ten Commandments

Make 10 with Moses FileFolder Game I made this game for my little ones.

Games & Lessons for Kids Online Games and Lessons they can play and watch.

Ten Commandment BibleChart *Wording is different than CC

10 Commandment Hand Activity Plan on doing this with them on Thursday.

Latin: Noun Endings

Science: Classifications of Living Things


Geography: Fertile Crescent

Tuesday: CC Day, just listen to songs and let girls play on iPad and with Lapbooks.

This is such a cute song and project this class did. My girls love things out of the ordinary and this is right up their alley. I will be using this to play in week one and we may even attempt our own version. I'll post to let you know if we do.

"We're in that Fertile Crescent" Rap

Teach the fertile crescent with a croissant lesson

Here is scripture that correlates to this area:
Mesopotamia - Genesis 24:10, Deuteronomy 23:4, Judges 3:8, 10
Euphrates River (called The Great River in the Bible) - Gen. 2:14 and 15:18, Deut. 1:7, Revelation 9:14 and 16:12

Mr. Winand's Class Vocab & Questions

English: Preposition

A song I came across on pinterest a while back. I might learn this for class and share it with my group. Okay I was going to do this song with motions... but I found one that I like better and plan on doing it instead. Either is fine, but I like the second one's motions a little better. Plus that little guy is so cute! Another video Slower with weekly preps for the above video.

Parts of Speech with Moses Game Not CC just kinda goes with this week.


 If you are looking for resources to use for CC then you should look here. There are many other CCer's sharing what they are doing each week for CC, check out a blog hop here weekly. Have fun and make memories this school year.

Remember that our goal is to win the hearts of our children, teach them in truth, knowledge and wisdom, and
to know God and make Him known.

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up

Friday, July 27, 2012

WIW 07.22.12

Here is the cute little outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. Everything but the tights were hand me downs from my sis. Thanks Sissy! I love her style and love it when she passes on that style to me for free =) I felt cute today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinterest Love & Classical Conversations

Does anyone else love Pinterest as much as I do? {People I have over 10,000 pins... if this doesn't call for a pintervention, then I don't know what does!} I love how I can organize and gather all the things I see into neat, cute little boards that I can share with others.

And this gives organizing for our homeschool efforts that more fun for me! The girls don't care but I love it. I pin all great resources I find out there from all the new great wonderful homeschool mama's I'm meeting through pinterest. You should check out my boards or any of their awesome boards if you need some ideas for this school year:

Granola Mom 4 God | Nicole Irvine | Michelle Kakaty | Willow C-Smith | Kathie Kent | Jill Pettis | Hayley Croft  | Tona Ottinger | Melanie Barosh

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ever Heard of Glimpse?

Ever heard of Glimpse?

The awesome girls @Clickin Moms have a little project going on.

Most of us do the same things daily but with no rhyme or reason. Clickin Moms gives us direction! =) They take our mutual love of instagram and give photo prompt ideas for photos for us to capture.

Each week they email out those prompts of photos to capture each day.
Here is this weeks photos:

Here is my weekly List:

Check out this cute blog I took a pic of.

It's not my bathtub but my sister's... I wasn't home



nope nope


I didn't write it but my little one did.

How fun is/was this!
You can join in here! Now let's see your pics!
If you don't have an Instagram account, then go here to sign up. Your photo albums will never be the same.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning Schedule Printable Freebie

Have you ever spent all day cleaning your house?  

At the end of an all day cleaning span you fill like you have accomplished some great project and you can enjoy your hard labor! That is until the husband or kids walk through the door and destroy it in a matter of minutes. It is nice to have a clean house. It shouldn't take all day to tackle cleaning my house. It seems that I have recently {for the past 6 months} been waiting till one day of the week to clean my house. Well it isn't working. So I saw this and got inspired to make my own to fit my needs. 

Here it is: 
Simply click the image above or here to print out your own cleaning schedule. 

*Update: So I am putting this cleaning schedule in a frame. I looked all over the house for a landscape frame to put it in but couldn't find one. So I decided I would make a portrait layout too. Here you go.

Just click the image and a window will pop up and give you a full size version. Just right click and save the image from there. Enjoy! 

Have you spent all afternoon shopping and cooking dinner?

If your local grocery store is anything like mine, it's a nightmare to go in to pick up a few things. 

I'm so thankful I decided to sign up for Emeals to help with my meal planning and shopping needs. With my plan through Emeals I get an email once a week on Wednesday that gives me a meal plan for 7 meals and a shopping list to go with it. I love how it is organized. I would recommend it to anyone, I already have! 

 (Thanks to Time Warp Wife & Emeals for the idea of a cleaning calendar.)

Getting Ready for Classical Conversations

So I feel like the summer is almost over. Well it kinda is but we still have a couple of weeks before our CC Community starts up this year on Sept 4th. If you don't already know, we Sanford's homeschool our girls. Last year was the first year to attempt to teach both of them and it was an interesting ride. We use Classical Conversations as our means of curriculum and organization in our schooling efforts. Go can go here if you would like an overview of CC.

I am going to use these last couple of summer weeks left to start gathering my info and resources to supplement our Memory Work. Blessing towards you, I plan on sharing what I come up with. Plan on checking back each week (Starting Aug 6th so we are a few weeks ahead ) to see new information and resources to help your homeschool efforts too.

This was them last year on their first day of homeschool for 2011. Don't they look like eager learners?

If you would like to learn more about Classical Conversations go here. 
Remember to check back next week for C1|W1 resources. 

What curriculum to do use to teach your children? 
Are you ready for school to start back up? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Strong & Courageous #RefugeCo. Lesson7.18.12

Pastor Mark talked about Joshua being strong and courageous in what God had called him to. He also talked about Rehab and the hard decisions she had to make. Was it the right thing?

We all know that school is coming close and its in our minds as your leaders how you will choose to live this next school year. Will you stand up for whats right? Will you take a stand for Christ? will you take a stand for others?

What is just?

How is justice played out in our lives today?

Who is our judge?

Be Strong & Courageous Refuge Co.!
let Him use you to build His kingdom.

How are you going to change our world?

{Conforming to the IMAGE OF CHRIST for the sake of others.}

Wonder what Bible I'm using? It's the HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students. You can get it here and right now it is on sale.

Me, Myself and I: July

I came across this today, yeah I'm a day late. I still thought it would be fun to do. So I will share a little about me with you. 

A fellow blogger said she felt like this, "But I can’t help but feel like I’m saying, “Oh, look at me and how awesome I am that you must want to know little details about me!” HA HA I totally agree but also think I am pretty awesome. =) J/K 

I think why blogging and creeping blogs is so fun because we love to see the lives of others. Hence reality TV. {I'm a sucker for it by the way} So this little link up allows us to share and others not feel a little guilty for creeping. 

1. What is your biggest phobia?
My biggest phobia/worry is the thought of losing my husband. He is my best friend and even though sometimes he drives me up the wall {which he works hard at doing} I couldn't live without him. 

2. I you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why?
That day would have to be my wedding day! I married my best friend and it was an amazing day! So much fun was had by all of our friends. 

3. If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? 
I will say it will be around 40... I'm only 28 now, but plan on having more little blessings and I wouldn't want to miss out of them. So 45 it is. That would make my oldest 22. UGH! I don't even want to think about that day! 

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? 
HA-HA don't think I get mistaken for anyone! Besides my sister and she isn't a celebrity. But back when this little thing was going around Facebook and everyone was posting who you look like, mine was Amy Adams. See the resemblance? Yeah I didn't think so. 

*Sorry I have no idea where I got that photo of Amy Adams, it was on my Facebook from years back. 

5. What songs are included on the soundtrack of your life? 
Okay I won't be able to give the songs on my soundtrack to life, but I can share who I love right now! 

Self Serve Yogurt Bar, The lighter choice?

Ever wonder if yogurt is the "lighter" option for dessert instead of ice cream? Well that all depends how you stack your cup. Emeals inspired me to share my love of all things yum.

We all have been sucked into the self serve yogurt bar craze. They are everywhere. We small town America has them. {Believe me I have lived in three of them and they all had them. All different chains or local shops, but all had them. I'm not complaining.} 

I highly enjoy these establishments. I even held my youngest's 3rd birthday party at one last year. 
Can't you tell she loves it too!

So many options. All yummy, not all light. 

It is so hard to have control in this setting and too choose to stay on the lighter side of cup. We able able to choose almost any topping that our heart desires. This can be a hard choice when trying to stay within a decent calorie range for our dessert. 

Now if you are like my husband, you simply don't care. He piles on all the toppings he wants. 

 We went to Cherry Berry for father's day. As you can see he loaded up the cup. But mine isn't any better. The girls loved it. 

Ways I try to keep it light:
- Get about 1/2 cup of yogurt {I normally get half vanilla and half pomegranate vitamin boost. Yum!}
- Limit the topping to granola, nuts, cereals, bobas {fruit juice filled amazing-ness} 
- And get 3 minis sour gummie worms {my fave candy}

Ha ha, okay I have no clue how many calories this is. But I would like to think that it is reasonable. I'm also not sure I want to know either. I enjoy the self serve frozen yogurt craze that is going around right now. But I also enjoy a little place in town that serves the old fashion custard called Jared's. That love is for another post. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tips on Memorizing Scripture

Why is it so hard to remember things, let alone the gift of memorizing scripture? Because it is in fact a gift, a gift I have not been given in my young adult life. I knew the scriptures as a child and a teen. I could spout out anything you needed to know about the Bible. Then… in late high school and early college I turned away from the truth of scripture… and the thought that it was truth at all. Thankfully the God is gracious. Through a series of events the Lord brought some people into my life and took some people out. I am thankful for that season for it has brought me to where I am today, and who I am today… a Daughter of the King. Since my early believing days I have forgotten most of the scripture I once knew. However through my love for the Lord… and His love for me, I am regaining the hidden word in my heart. Now I still believe that I have NOT been given the gift of scripture memorization, but does that mean I shouldn’t try to hide the word of God in my heart! Oh no, try away!

I have hidden your Word in my heart, so I might not sin again you. Psalm 119:8

Here are some tips to help make that happen in my life and yours:

  1. Memorize scripture from a verse of the Bible that you enjoy. The Bible I use often is TNIV, in case you were wondering.
  2. Make some note cards of verses that you are trying to memorize.
  3. Now carry these cards with you to read while in a waiting line or on your lunch break, or post them around your home in places you’ll see them.
  4. Repeat and learn what these verses mean. If you understand them, it will be easier to remember them.
  5. Regularly review these verses. Use it or lose it, haha, I’m serious though.
  6. Now go and share!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fern Love

Emily at {JDC} posted a little love for a leafy green today which insipred me to share my love as well. Here is a snapshot at my Fern Love pinterest board.

Now I am no discreminator towards the color green. I love it and plants in general. Palm trees {my madien name was palmer}, hostas, ficus fig trees, grass... you get the picture. I love the color, it clams me, soothes me, all around makes my happy. It's my favorite. So today when Emily shared her little crush I had to express my love too.


Do you see that pretty right there? That used to greet me at our Jenk's home every time I came through the door. She made me smile. I have a simliar version at our Bartlesville home now.

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