Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Strong & Courageous #RefugeCo. Lesson7.18.12

Pastor Mark talked about Joshua being strong and courageous in what God had called him to. He also talked about Rehab and the hard decisions she had to make. Was it the right thing?

We all know that school is coming close and its in our minds as your leaders how you will choose to live this next school year. Will you stand up for whats right? Will you take a stand for Christ? will you take a stand for others?

What is just?

How is justice played out in our lives today?

Who is our judge?

Be Strong & Courageous Refuge Co.!
let Him use you to build His kingdom.

How are you going to change our world?

{Conforming to the IMAGE OF CHRIST for the sake of others.}

Wonder what Bible I'm using? It's the HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students. You can get it here and right now it is on sale.

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