Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Got Joy?

So after reading this article by iMom I feel totally defeated. The mommie guilt is on thick!
I want my children to enjoy me and for me to enjoy them.  However, I haven't been doing such a good "job" of being a joyful mom lately. Look... here I go again, sucking the joy away from my life.

In order for my children to have the mother I want for them, I must choose to seek joy in the everyday! Ann Voskamp has beautifully put to words what I need more in my life through her book "One Thousand Gifts.".


Here are some ways from iMom to display joy:

1. Stop saying how tired you are.
 I say that I am tried a lot. I mean a lot! And it is because I am tired, but I don't have to share that with them. This makes them feel like it is their fault why mommie is so tired. And they may very well be the case why I'm sluggish that day but I don't have to let them know that. Or it could be that I was laying in bed all night pins pretties on Pinterest

2. Smile at your kids.
I totally need to do more of this! I simply need to look at my girls and I start to smile. They need to know I love being their mom and that they bring me joy.

3. Laugh!
My girls sure know how to make their mom laugh. They always bring laughter to bad situations. I need to look for the joy in the moment and laugh at myself more often. 

4. THC
THC –tickling, hugging and cuddling our kids.
I don't want to be a mom that forgets to do these things because life is so busy. Let that tickle monster out on the loose! I need to hold them tight and cuddle them close because one day I won't be able to. 

5. Don’t snap at your kids.
A kind word can change their whole day. I need to be more mindful how my tone is towards my children (& husband).

6. Don’t rush your kids.
 Wow! How ca I make life more simple so we no longer have this problem? When I rush them it isn't fair, they don't understand time yet. 

Download your own inforgraphic to help you remember to choose joy here:


I can't not accomplish these on my own but I know One that can help me. 
I need to call on His name everyday and seek His will for my life and my children's every morning. 
Look to the Father if you too need help finding more joy in your life. 

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