Thursday, August 30, 2012

Southern Style

I checked out this lovely book at the Library on Thursday. I have a love for things "Southern" and wanted to share little idea's in this book that I fell in love with. Kind of like a favorite pins post, but things I actually looked up in a book instead of on my computer or phone. You know, old style. Take a look:
I loved the wire baskets hanging up as a shelve. Also love the starfish in the basket. Look at that simple and cute chandelier too.
I love all things green! Look at this front porch "chandelier" idea. I also love lemons, so this is such a cute idea for me to try out. Also did you know that lemons ward off mosquitoes? So what better arrangement to have outside on your patio!

So pretty and relaxing. Don't you just want to curl up with the Bible or a good book here? 



Here is another book I grabbed that caught my eye.

My love for ferns makes this a must in my house. I think I'm going to go out and buy a fern tomorrow to do this with!

The colors in this scence is what caught my eye. And I really like those curtains.

I also this idea and it makes me want to make a sign of my childhood family buisness, Palmers Plants. It would bring back great memories and would add a little personal touch to our home.

I though the stacking of these baskets was so cute. I loved that different colors of the baskets and mixing the Bread box in there for texture and color. Also love how the top basket has a tin, crab apples and greenery flowing out of it. So clever and simple! Beautiful!

Happy House Dreaming! 
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