Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tales of a Night with Jr High Girls

Well I am still alive.

Let's say that the help of 9 Jr High Girls didn't help my efforts to stay sane in my crazy life, but they were such a blessing and had a wonderful time growing and bonding with them.

oneLife hosted a jr high girls sleepover at our new house. As I write, I still have 4 of them here and they are doing dances, playing dress up, preforming make overs, making videos, and playing with a light saber, yes it's interesting what goes on in the mind of a 7th grader but no the less boring or dull.

I thank their parents for allowing them to come and stay, and I also thank them for taking them back home with them tonight after church. Because this young mom can barely keep up with 2 little ones ages 2 & 3, she needs much more energy to keep up with 9 preteen girls.

Thanks for the blessings girls! Last night was a blast!
... and I'm still the Indian Wrestling Champ by the way... what now ???

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