Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~ Family Worship Time ~

Family ~ Worship ~ Time

So I came across this blog that adressed a dear event of mine and I thought I would share and give you my insight.

Family Worhsip Time can be so dreading it you allow to miss the point of the time together. And with me needing everything a certain way... I am guilty of getting caught up in the setup of it all... but it doesn't need a setup.

There is no outline, no order of service, no bulletin, haha (I only wish). There isn't a set of rules to follow... except to actually do it and not just plan it.

I loved her comment, "I was just sure Family Worship Time was nothing less than Daddy reading Scripture, Mommy leading songs, children chiming in with brilliant, spiritually sound comments on it all."

Here are some deffinations to help us out:

FAMILY: Whoever is present at the time equals family. Daddy at work, Mommie out of town, whole family out of town, guests over, or us in the car... Any one of these could cause me to think Family Worship Time can’t be had, but with that kind of thinking, we’d never connect on a spiritual level.

WORSHIP: If the central focus is God, it’s worship.

TIME: Whenever you get the first two together.

Don’t get caught up in perfectionism and miss the essence of what Family Worship Time is truly all about:

Family ~ Worship ~ Time

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