Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Holiness... It's Everywhere

It is sad to say that growing up being a follower of Christ (yes fellow high school classmates who would strongly disagree with this statement... I was a follower of Christ before I married a pastor) I never understood holiness, let alone knew what it was. It wasn't until I came to discover Nazarenes that a term existed. Now I'm not saying that many people of other denominationss can't live lives of holiness, I know some, it's just that holiness is supposed to be what Nazarenes stand for, and that is why I'm apart of and love them! However Holiness isn't new, it's everywhere in the Bible!

This book I've been reading (not written by a Nazarene it my knowledge) is teaching everyday holiness. Letting normal everyday people understand the concept and open their eyes to the fact that God is calling us to so much more.

So insights into Chapter 2:

The logic is simple:
(1) God is holy
(2) God called us to be like him
(3) therefore we should be holy too.

Holiness is a life totally dedicated to God.

God expected each Israelite to fear, obey, and serve him wholeheartedly. Does he expect any less of us?

God is not satisfied with partial commitment.

Holiness is clearly God's will for each of his followers. It always has been it still is and always will be.

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