Sunday, January 02, 2011


Started reading Holiness: For Ordinary People by Keith Drury and so far its a great learning tool for an early or stagnant believer. Here are some good insights into the first chapter:

Sanctification Overview.

God calls us unto holiness and then helps us become holy.

God commands us to be holy. God does not give us impossible demands.

Gos works in our minds, soul, spirit, and body as he changes and renews our desires, thoughts, interests, attitudes, and behaviors. Sanctification is how God transforms us into Christ likeness. Given our cooperation, we can become all that God calls us to be.

We need more of Christ and God wants more of us.

He will cleanse and empower you through the Holy Spirit, enabling you to live a holy life. 

The point is that Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins.

Questions to ponder...
Can I examine my love for God?
Can I examine my love for others?
Have I totally consecrated my all to Jesus?
Am I experiencing power over sin?
Has the Holy Spirit witnessed to me-inside me- that He has performed this work?

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