Tuesday, September 18, 2012

C1|W3 September 18th CC Day

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Week #3 Tuesday Sept 18th:
Here is a schedule of how we went over our Memory Work Today:

Timeline: We do as a group downstairs. Sing song and do motions.
Art Project: Upside Down Images
History: Name Gods, Sing Song on CD. Tap Hands on Table Left=Greek Right=Roman
Geography: Lg map, Sm map, Trace on map location.
English: Recite new Preps and Learn Motions,
Latin: Fill in Chart & Visuals
Math: Say, Sing song on CD. *Sparkle*
Science: Anmial Cell & Visual
Review and Snack:

Presentations: Biograpghy - Working on controlling our bodies.
Science Project: Blending; and Ground Temperature

Next week Presentation is over Geography in topic and the students need to focus on controlling their pace during their presentation. They need to try to make it to 2.5 mins with 30 secs of questions.

Please Remember I need your help with prizes for Week 6 when the students redeem their tickets. Some families have already purchased some, thank you! I need each family to purchase at least 12 small prizes to go into the treasure chest. These need to be cheap, I'm thinking Dollar Tree items here! If you could be purchasing those and bring them on Week 5, Tuesday October 2nd, that would greatly help me out! Thank you for your help in this again.

Remember Week 4 is Potluck Day for Lunch... or as I found a new name for it "Assorted Blessings" ... (I don't like the word luck... I have a Beth Moore study to thank for that! )
I'm praying for each one of you and look forward to next week, Week #4!

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