Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Week 36: This Week CC Week 1, Birthday and Anniversary

Find out what we are doing this week in our life, ministry and homeschool. Week 36 and CC C1|W1
* I'll be updating our schedule throughout the week.

Monday Sept 3rd:
Labor day, enjoy the day with our little family.
Nothing planned except getting every thing start our first day of CC for the 2012-2013 school year!
We did have our friends Micah and Brett over for dinner and to watch a college football game.

Tuesday Sept 4th: CC Community Day

Bible: Bible Devo with mom It just didn't happen  =(
Off to CC and Here is what we did today:
     Timeline: We do as a group downstairs. Sing song and do motions.
     Art Project: OiLs - Do this name activity with the class.
     Science Project: Beans
     History:  Recite sentence. Listen to song on CD. Learn motions.
     Geography:  Lg map, Sm map, Trace on map location. "Travel" with gum.
     English: Recite the sentence. Erase words.
     Latin: Back'n'forth with the class. Possible motions to learn.
     Math: Say, Sing song on CD.
     Science: Using this visual.
     Proof and Snack
     Presentations: Impromptu - Tell me about your homeschool.
                            Find my classes presentation schedule here.
     Review: We did board wars, paired up, shuffled, Sing Songs, Motions
Lunch: Livy and I shared a bagel with cream cheese from Starbucks. Yum! However after CC was over we went to pick up daddy and Emma and the church and go eat some Senior Salsas.
Supplemental work at cc in the afternoon We didn't get to do this today since Emma got sick. =(
No more learning for the day, just play!... and naps =)
MiKayla has softball games at 5:30pm and 7:00pm in Dewey at the Highschool, try to make those! We made the second game, which she doesn't play in =( but had a great time talking with the Miller's.

Wednesday Sept 5th: CBS Day
Off to CBS where we will get our Bible Time in.
Lunch: Lot-A-Burger... Yum!
15 mins on:
     Print these maps and color
     Print off some of these doll clothes for the girls to play with.
Geography and Timeline:
     Sing song and do motions.
     Trace on map location. Travel with skittles.
     Random video the girls will love.
     Make these passports to start off the year.
English (Reading and Spelling):
     Recite the sentence.
     Watch the video about preps and try to learn some motions.
Science: Fill in this paper puzzle.
Art: OiLs - Owl Art try to do on 4x6 to include in our project life scrapbook.
Now get ready for church tonight.
    Let girls watch Ten Commandments online while we get ready for church.

Thursday Sept 6th:
30 Mins of Each to finish before Lunch:
Bible: Try to learn this.
     Children's Ten Commandments
     Recite history sentence and song with motions.
     Do Hand activity today.
Geography and Timeline:
     Sing song and do motions.
     Trace on map location
     Fertile Crescent Rap and Lesson
     Make these globes to start off the year.
English (Reading and Spelling):
Science : Watch this science video.
Art: OiLs - Line art
Library Time:
Dance at 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Praise and Worship Practice @ 6:30pm

Friday Sept 7th:
30 Mins of Each to finish before Lunch:
     Read Gen 11 and color sheet.
    *Discuss the importance of being obedient to God and stamping out pride in our lives and activity.
History: Review song and motions
Geography and Timeline:
     Sing song and do motions.
     Trace on map location.
     Look at this website. Lots of cool things on here.
English (Reading and Spelling)
Latin: Back'n'forth
Math: Worsheets
Art: OiLs - Make picture of Giraffe
Lunch: Bufflo Wild Wings for Daddy

Then Family Fun Day! Would love to try to make it to the Tulsa Zoo today.
Dinner: So I surprised Daddy with dinner at Brett and Micah's and some new friends!
             He though everyone was just there to eat. But he was the guest of honor =)
Planning on going to the Bartlesville Bruins first Home Football Game tonight!

Saturday Sept 8th: Mark's 28th Birthday
History: Another Ten Commandment Song "boogie"
Geography and Timeline:
English (Reading and Spelling):
Art: OiLs - Try some of these designs and practice.

Sunday Sept 9th: Our Wedding Anniversary
Bible: Sunday School and Church
Total of 30 mins for Review Today
History: Sing Timeline Song and Review this weeks History Song and motions.
English (Reading and Spelling): Review Prep and Do Song
Latin: Review Noun Cases "Back'n'Forth"
Math: Sing Math Songs off CD.
Church: Surprise Brithday Party for PM thrown by the teens =)

History: Ten Commandment Books for this week:

Geography: Egypt Books for this week:

English: Preposition Books for this week:

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