Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Life Week 2

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This Sunday we spent it with Spencer Church of the Nazarene, where Mark's Sister Lauren and her family goes to church. It is a cute little southern country church in the middle of no where, but we really enjoyed it. 

On Monday we ate Taco Casa for Lunch and spent the day with Granna. We went to Academy Sports and Outdoors to see if we could find some outfits for the girls for the game Monday night. Oh you did know that the Crimson Tide are playing for the National Championship right? {They won!} And the girls finally got to see how big their puppy Barkley had gotten since the last time they saw him. 

We spent Tuesday getting my hair done. It took a forever 4 hours. We also got Taco Casa for lunch of course and took it out to Jennifer's house in Gordo, Mark's other sister. 

We left on Wednesday to head back home. 

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This page is a little blurry, sorry. It was my birthday {on Monday the 16th, which shouldn't be on this week... oops} and we went to eat at my favorite place, P.F. Changs the Friday before and met Mama Euva & Uncle Jon Jon. We dessert I got my must-have-can't-leave-till-I-eat-this-dessert Banana Spring Rolls. It is to die for! 

We also had some Skpye-ing going on this week. We had never Skyped before until now and we have two interviews! Wow God is up to something. This all happened in the matter of 30 mins. Maybe He is trying to tell me to relax a little. 
Somehow I managed to sneak next week's pics into this layout. Baby Ava was born on my bday, remember this post
And the reason we were able to see her as soon as we did is because we got a phone call at 10:00pm on Wednesday Night to see if you could come interview at a church in Alabama. Needless to say we were in the car the next morning. 

The fortune cookie fortunes are smashed on the bottom right corner from lunch during that interview. 

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