Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He loves us, oh how He loves us

We need to realign our identity to be based on our relationship with God instead of on our own accomplishments and the recognition we receive from people. Our identity is determined by the way we define our success, so we need to make sure that we are defining our success by what God finds as a success.

When we get our identity from our accomplishments and recognition we end up in an emotional storm of preoccupation with vanity; we most naturally see our accomplishments as very small and unimportant, causing us to feel rejected and neglected by people.

We must define our success as being ones who are loved and chosen by God and who love God in return. This is what determines our personal worth. We are to be anchored in this truth as the basis of our success and worth rather than in our accomplishments, recognition, or possessions.

In ministry when we work towards what we think God wants and actually work towards what we want, we are working for the wrong reason. We have to work to figure out how I can be less to serve Him more, to prevent burnout from happening. Burnout does not come from working hard but from working with a wrong spirit. When we work for success we get burned out. When we work from success our spirit is strengthened (Col. 1:10). We will love Jesus much better with less “emotional traffic” inside our heart and mind. There is freedom from working in His spirit rather than our own.

~!*Lord you give me freedom, help me walk in it.

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